Self Archiving Rights

Under certain conditions Brill allows the posting of publications in online repositories and open archives (self-archiving). The following is allowed, always with proper acknowledgement to the original publication:

Permitted use of Articles from Journals, Multi-Authored Books, and Encyclopedias: 

  • Authors of articles published by Brill are permitted to self-archive the submitted (pre-peer-review) version of the article at any time. The submitted version of an article is the author's version that has not been peer-reviewed, nor had any value added to it by Brill (such as formatting or copy editing).
  • Authors of articles published by Brill are permitted to self-archive the accepted (peer-reviewed) version after an embargo period of 24 months [1]. The accepted version means the version which has been accepted for publication and contains all revisions made after peer reviewing and copy editing, but has not yet been typeset in the publisher’s lay-out. The publisher’s lay-out must not be used in any repository or on any website.
  • For information about article sharing, see

Permitted use of Monographs

  • The institute employing the monograph author may post the accepted manuscript version of the book free of charge in a closed repository, accessible to students and staff only, on its Intranet. The publisher’s lay-out must not be used.
  • Without permission, displaying (parts of) monographs in any form in an open repository or otherwise on the Internet is not allowed. For permissions contact
We trust that through this policy we allow maximum freedom of use of our publications without endangering their viability. For further information on permitted uses and permissions contact: For our open access options, please visit Brill Open.
[1] In case of divergent funder’s requirements, please contact