Brill does not have a single house style when it comes to referencing and citations, although we do recommend that references are submitted according to the Chicago Manual of StyleThe Oxford Manual of Style or the style systems given below, commonly used in the various scholarly fields. When in doubt, please get in touch with your Brill contact. What is most important to us is that the style used is both clear and consistent. Depending on the scholarly field, the following preferences exist:

For the Arts, Harvard/MLA style (author-date system) is preferred. A short introduction to this style can be found here:

For publications on any other aspect of the Humanities, the Chicago style or the Oxford style are preferred. More information on these styles can be found in the Chicago Manual of Style Online  and in The Oxford Manual of Style (2003 edition) by Robert Ritter, published by Oxford University Press.

For Law, The Bluebook or the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities may be used.

For the Social Sciences and Linguistics, APA is the preferred style. More information can be found on the APA Style official website.

Regardless of which style you decide to use, please be aware of the following: when citing URLs, please make sure always to include the date of last access. When DOIs of cited publications are available, please include them.

Please do not use dashes if an author´s name is repeated. The full name(s) should always be given.

To facilitate organization, management and consistency, the following reference programs are recommended: Endnote or Refworks. It is highly recommended to supply an Endnote or Refworks file with your final manuscript when available. 

Please always supply a separate Bibliography (for edited volumes, this should be a separate Bibliography per chapter), even if the full references are given in footnotes. This will facilitate the use of Crossref.