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Brill has 10,000 book titles currently available with 700 new titles being published every year.

E-Book Collections

Brill offers a number of E-Book Collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Law and Biology. These collections are hosted on Brill's online platform for electronic books and journals: For pricing options, consortium arrangements and free 30-day trials contact us at or for customers in the Americas.

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Forthcoming Series

Book series where the first volume is not yet in production.

Anselm Studies and Texts History of Collecting & Art Markets
Architectural Intelligences History of Early Modern Educational Thought
Bloch Bibliothek International Journal of Taiwan Studies

Brain Science, Philosophy, and Ethics

Islamic Literatures: Texts and Studies
Brill's Companions to the Americas Journal of African Archaeologt Monograph Series
Brill's Companions to Modern Theology Law and Society in China
Brill's Companions to the Musical Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Europe Literary Modernism
Brill's Plato Studies Series Maps, Spaces, Cultures
Brill's Plutarch Studies Philosophy and Human Rights

Brill Studies in Skepticism


Philosophy of Film
Contemporary Studies in Sovietology Romance Languages
Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean Southeast Asian Diasporas in the Americas
Doing Global Studies Studies in Art & Materiality
East and West Studies in Somaesthetics. Embodied Perspectives in Philosophy, the Arts, and the Human Sciences
  Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia
  The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law


New Book Series

Book series where the first volume has published within the last two years.


Art History Studies in Global Slavery
Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe Theory and Practice of Public International Law
Biblical Studies Jewish Studies
Digital Biblical Studies Library of Contemporary Jewish Philosophers
Classical Studies Literature and Cultural
Brill's Companions to Classical Reception Experimental Practices
Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic New Perspectives in Edward Albee Studies
History Middle East and Islamic Studies
Brill's Companions to the Byzantine World Biblia Arabica
Explorations in Medieval Culture Islamicate Intellectual History 
Cultural Dynamics of Science Social Sciences 
Gendering the Trans-Pacific World Post-Western Social Sciences and Global Knowledge
History of Modern Science Theology and World Christianity
Historiography of Rome and Its Empire Anglican-Episcopal Theology and History
Leonardo Studies Theology and Mission in World Christianity
New Perspectives on the Cold War Theology in Practice
Nuncius Series. Studies and Sources in the Material and Visual History of Science Yearbook of Chinese Theology
Radboud Studies in Humanities Brill’s Studies in Catholic Theology
Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China  


International Law  
Brill's Asian Law Series