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Despite advances in computer technology, indexing is (unfortunately) not a mechanical activity that can be left to a computer: it requires thought, knowledge and common sense. There are three  ways to prepare the index:

  1. Manually, based on the first page proofs (see Indexing).
  2. Using the XE-code functionality in Word (see Using XE Codes).
  3.  Providing a list of indexing terms to which the typesetter will add proof page numbers; please note that we ask you to check the index proofs meticulously as this is not a foolproof method.

Alternatively, you may choose to outsource the work, but please be aware that we will ask you to cover the costs:

  • Brill hires an indexer; please ask your Brill contact for an estimate of the costs. While fees vary and depend on the length and complexity of the desired index, indexers will always charge at least €1000/$1200, on average. If you nevertheless prefer this option, please inform your Brill contact at an early stage.