Peer Review

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Peer review is usually conducted on a double blind basis, meaning that neither you nor the reviewer know the other’s identity. (It will therefore not be possible to contact the reviewer directly should you have any questions with regard to the review. Please send these questions to Brill, and we will then forward them.) Depending on the book series and the type of manuscript (commissioned or unsolicited), one or two reviews will be required. These reviews may be conducted either by a member of the editorial board of a series or by an external reviewer.

It generally takes 6 to 8 weeks for a review to come in. Once the review is in, it will first be sent to the series editors. Together, the series editors and Brill will decide on the recommendations that will be sent to you. This may either result in:

  • A request for you to revise and resubmit the manuscript for a second reviewed assessment;
  • A final decision on acceptation or rejection of the manuscript for publication.

The series editors and Brill will decide on the revisions that are needed before the manuscript can go into production. Should you accept these comments and agree to work on revising your manuscript, we can then proceed towards the final version of the manuscript and publication.