Preparing a Proposal

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A proposal is used by Brill staff and series editors to assess the scholarly value and marketability of a proposed work. In order for the proposal to be assessed quickly, it is essential that you send it to the right Acquisitions Editor as each Editor at Brill is responsible for a different scholarly field, with its own book series. 

Even when you have already prepared a full draft of the manuscript, it is sensible to first send Brill a proposal, so that Brill can get a sense of the project, and can quickly decide whether or not it would fit one of Brill’s book series. A proposal should contain:  

  • A 1-2 page overview of the work and a description of its contribution to existing scholarship.
  • If the book is based on your doctoral thesis, please state how it will be amended to turn it into a book. Unrevised theses will not be considered as manuscript submissions. 
  • A description of the prospective readership of your work.
  • A table of contents, summary of each chapter, and an indication of the length of the project.

As a general rule, Brill books should be at least 80,000 words long (including footnotes, bibliography etc.) If the project is an edited volume, please include the names and affiliations of the contributors. Indicate if any of this information is subject to change. If available, include some representative material for the project such as the introduction or a sample chapter. Also indicate all special elements that will be included in the manuscript, such as artwork or non‐Latin scripts. Finally, please provide us with an estimated deadline for the submission of the completed manuscript for review and an indication of the number of publishers to which you are currently submitting your proposal. Brill cannot start formal review rounds when your work is being considered by another publisher.

Apart from the proposal, we require you to include your resume (CV) and on occasion we will ask you fill in our Manuscript Questionnaire (MQ). Ask the responsible Acquisitions Editor to provide you with a Manuscript Questionnaire.

Once the proposal is in, it will be assessed by both Brill’s Acquisitions Editor and the relevant series editors. Together, they will decide whether or not they would be interested in reading the complete manuscript. If a proposal is accepted, Brill will invite you to submit the manuscript for peer review. As mentioned in the Introduction to this chapter, this does not mean that the project has definitively been accepted for publication. However, at this stage, Brill, the series editors, and/or the editorial board may already make suggestions for revisions should they deem this necessary.

Brill offers authors the possibility to publish their monograph or edited volume in Open Access so that it is freely available online immediately upon publication. Authors pay a Book Publication Charge (BPC) and sign one of the Creative Commons-licenses that we offer. More information on our Open Access program can be found here Brill Open. Brill’s Open Access publications are subject to the same strict process of peer review and quality control as the rest of our publishing program. If you are an author and interested to publish in Open Access, please get in touch with your acquisitions editor  at Brill and indicate this at as early a stage as possible.