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As of December 31, 2013 Brill took over the publishing list of HES & DE GRAAF B.V. The list includes 600 titles and is growing with 10-15 titles a year, in the fields of book history, history of cartography and neighboring fields. Besides the separate volumes it contains six book series, including the Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici. Brill also has the exclusive global distribution rights for the highly prestigious Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem. Read more about the acquisition >>

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As of today all HES & DE GRAAF titles can be ordered via our website All backorders and standing orders will be transferred automatically.
Acquisitions Editor: Arjan van Dijk

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Orders from Europe and outside North America are being collected and distributed by Turpin, Brill's distribution center in the UK. Books International, Brill's distribution center in the US, will collect and distribute orders from the Americas. Should you have questions related to orders placed before 11 March, please email

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The Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem

This facsimile edition of the volumes of the Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem relating to Africa, America & Asia is the most prestigious and unique facsimile atlas ever made. The original Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem is preserved in the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library) in Vienna. We have worked in the past years to prepare an exclusive facsimile edition of the volumes of this incredibly beautiful atlas that pertain to Africa, America & Asia, including the “secret” atlas of the Dutch East-India Company (VOC).

For questions and inquires please contact one of our Sales Managers.

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