Brill’s Developing Countries Program

Brill is an international academic publishing company that operates globally to disseminate its academic content as widely as possible. We are a key partner of academic institutions and our authors and editors come from all parts of the world. We believe that operating on a global scale requires that we also give something back to the academic community, particularly in developing countries. Brill, therefore, seeks to contribute to sustainable development in the following ways:

For more information on Brill’s Developing Countries Program or Brill’s participation in the programs, contact Liesbeth Kanis.


Brill participates in the following Developing Countries Programs

Research 4 Life

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Research4Life is the collective name for four public private partnerships that seek to help achieve the UN's Millennium Development Goals: Research in Health (HINARI), Research in Agriculture (AGORA), Research in the Environment (OARE) and Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI). These programs have given people at more than 6000 institutions in over 100 countries and territories in the developing world free or low cost access to more than 35,000 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books and databases provided by the world's leading academic and professional publishers.



Participating journals  ● Eligibility and registration

HINARI Access to Research in Health program is managed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with Yale University Library and over 160 publishers. 5300 public institutions in over 100 eligible countries have already registered to HINARI, which provides access to over 11,400 journals, up to 18,500 e-books, and up to 70 other information resources.

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AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) is managed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and provides access to over 3400 journals, up to 2000 e-books, and up to 20 other information resources in the Agricultural and Life Sciences.


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Participating journalsEligibility and registration

OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) is managed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and provides access to more than 3900 journals, up to 8300 e-books, and up to 45 other information resources in a wide range of disciplines contributing to our understanding of the natural environment.



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INASP is an international development charity working with a global network of partners to improve access, production and use of research information and knowledge, so that countries are equipped to solve their development challenges. To find out Brill’s offering through INASP and whether your institution is eligible, learn more.


Association of Commonwealth Universities
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Through the Low Cost Journals Scheme members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in developing countries have access to Brill print journals at deep-discount prices. Learn more



Publishers for Development

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Brill supports Publishers for Development, a forum for information and discussion around the importance of access to information for development. Through a range of activities, it explores some of the unique challenges developing country libraries, researchers and publishers experience. It also provides an opportunity for publishers to keep up-to-date and feed their input into the work all parties are undertaking to lessen the digital divide.  Learn more




Brill's Adopt a Library Program

Launched in 2009, Brill’s Adopt a Library program each year donates a collection of books to one or two university libraries primarily in developing countries. Libraries actively approach Brill or are recommended by Brill authors and editors. Learn more


Brill recommends Author Aid for Authors in Developing Countries

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AuthorAID is a global online network that provides support,  mentoring, resources, and training for researchers in developing countries. Academics in developing countries that would like to receive coaching in their research or academic writing for publication are encouraged to sign up with the Author Aid network.

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Brill authors/editors also have the option to coach or mentor a colleague in a developing country towards publication. Learn more


Brill Open offers Discounts or Waivers for Authors from Developing Countries
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Article Publication Charges (APCs) are reduced or waived for authors from developing countries in the case of fully open access journals. To find out if you qualify for this scheme contact Learn more