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Debbie de Wit



Position: Production Editor

Short job description: “The job is to help adapt the content into the final product – which is no longer just a printed book

A production editor is the “person in the middle of the author or editor, typesetter and cover designer,” Debbie says. Their main task is to turn the final manuscript into a typeset book. Debbie assists the author, for example, with reviewing the page proofs, and facilitates corrections with the typesetter. Good communication is really important. As you can see in the photo, Debbie just received flowers from an author she worked with.

Debbie has been working at Brill since 2009. She started in the production department where she worked to make backlist titles available via Print on Demand (POD).  Before she started working, she studied American Studies in Utrecht.




What is your favorite part of the job?

"To have contact with authors and to get to know them is really interesting. It is also good to understand each other in a better way.”


Thoughts about Publishing:

Debbie is curious where the e-book development will lead. She says that publishers have to be more flexible, for example, with formats or platforms. Debbie is also “looking forward to seeing and working on the changes in the production process.”


Debbie’s favorite Brill book

During Debbie’s first job at Brill, one of the titles Debbie made available via POD was Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens, complete with  translations of  tenth-century recipes.

Debbie likes the idea of those recipes being accessible. “I have not prepared something from it yet,” she says, “but I am still looking for an occasion when it would be possible to roast that whole goat.”


Debbie, what was the last book you worked on?

A book she worked on recently was Synopsis Purioris Theologiae / Synopsis of a Purer Theology by R.T. te Velde. Like all production editors, Debbie is working on several of books at the same time, but this book needed to be ready for a special event. “In spite of very little time, proofreading stages in the middle of the summer holidays, and the fact that it is a text edition (which is always more complicated),” the book was published in time.  “Thanks to the authors and our excellent typesetter, of course,” Debbie points out.


A Question you pass on to the next person – Stijn Wieger van der Heide, Marketing Services Assistant:

How do you like working with your wife?