Brill E-Book Purchase Options

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Product Description Coverage Pricing model Free MARC 21 DRM License
Brill E-Book Collections     -Pre-packaged collection of titles by subject and copyright year
- Special E-Book Collections                  
- Humanities and Social Sciences
- International Law and Human and Humanitarian Rights
- Priced at 70% of price of same books in their printed format
- Multiple purchase discounts available                                   
Yes No Outright Purchase
Brill Special E-Book Collections - All titles published within the series back to volume 1 - Brill's Studies in Intellectual History Online
- Vetus Testamentum Online
- Novum Testamentum Supplements Online
- Classical Companions I
- One-time fee for archive followed by (optional) annual instalment fee
- Older titles are highly discounted compared to the printed version            
Yes No Outright Purchase
Brill Patron Select - Brill's PDA model
- Library has access to all available E-Book titles of a specific collection(s) / year(s)
- Brill E-Book Collections
- Brill Special E-Book Collections
- Brill E-Book Series
- 2 clicks chapter or E-Book = purchase Yes No Schedule added to Outright Purchase agreement
Brill E-Book Select - Brill's Pick & Choose model
- Library choses titles à la carte
Depends on titles ordered - Download Order Form Yes No Outright Purchase
E-Book vendors Brill E-Books can be purchased and accessed through the following partners:
Cengage Learning (Questia)
Dawson (Dawsonera)
Ebsco (formerly NetLibrary)
Ingram Digital (MyILibrary)
Proquest (including EBL, ebrary)                                               
All Brill E-Books but selection of titles varies per vendor - Vendor prices E-Book Varies per vendor Yes Varies per vendor