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Don't Be Fooled

"Father of Europe"

Early Data Gatherers

Musings on Egyptology

Lipsius and Tacitus

Professor Kern and the Study of Language

The Birth of the Dutch Constitution

The Voyage of "China Dirck"

"Pax Hispanica"

The Death of a Patron

Percy Stafford Allen Honoured

Brothers "Divided by Learning"

Sitting for a Portrait...

"A Street Named After You"

"Dictionarium Teutonico-Latinium"

Hans Sloane's Worldly Treasures

High Finance and "JPM"

"Never Too Old'

Leiden and a Future President

The Changing Role of Amsterdam's City Hall

The Edda Manuscript's Final Journey

Reischauer's Farewell Address

World Book Copyright Day

"De Vries & te Winkel"


The Adventures of Carsten Niebuhr

Denon and the Spoils of War

Leeumans & Archaeology

"The Spirit of 76"

Juliana at the Rapenburg