Open Access Initiatives

Brill is a proud sponsor or member of the following Open Access initiatives.

IFLA / Brill Open Access Award      
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The IFLA/Brill Open Access award rewards initiatives that facilitate and/or promote Open Access Scholarly Monographs in the humanities or social sciences. For more information, visit

The winners include:

2013:  Open Book Publishers (Cambridge, UK)
2014: Knowledge Unlatched (London, UK)
2015: the Directory of Open Access Books (Netherlands) 


Brill in OASPA



Brill is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). The association promotes and supports scholarly publishers that offer reputable open access publications and reliable open access publishing services. View Brill’s membership profile page.

Brill and OAPEN


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Brill believes in sustainable models that enhance the quality and dissemination of academic content. For this reason Brill is participating in the OAPEN pilot study into the effects of Open Access on books in the Humanities and Social Sciences. For more information on this pilot see:

Brill and DOAB
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Brill is a proud sponsor of Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), which includes Brill’s Open Access books.