Brill Open Articles & Journals

All of Brill’s subscription journals offer an Open Access publishing option.  

Additionally, Brill publishes a growing number of fully Open Access journals, both broad and subject-specific.


Brill Open Articles

Publishing Open Access in a subscription journal

Brill offers authors the option to publish in Open Access in all subscription journals published by Brill and its imprints, in exchange for an Article Publication Charge (APC). Your article will be published under one of the Creative Commons licenses that we offer. Check out which licenses we offer here

More information on the publication charges can be found here

The APC is only payable after  your paper has been accepted for publication, post-peer review.

Upon receipt of the APC, your article will become available in Open Access on BrillOnline Books and Journals and, if applicable, deposited to PubMed Central*. We encourage you to share your article as much as possible in institutional repositories as well as commercial repositories such as

If you are interested in publishing your paper in Open Access in one of our journals, please indicate this when submitting through Editorial Manager, or with your contact at Brill.


Publishing  in a fully Open Access journal

Brill publishes a number of fully Open Access journals. An overview can be found here. Brill offers two types of fully Open Access journals:


Some Brill journals are entirely available in Open Access. This is made possible by institutional funding; always check  with us before submitting whether (reduced) publication charges may be required. As for all Brill publications, all submissions undergo rigorous double-blind peer review.

Brill also publishes a print edition of the journal alongside the Open Access online edition.

Brill Open Journals

Brill publishes four full Open Access journals covering our major disciplines:

Brill Open Humanities

Brill Open Social Sciences

Brill Open Law

Brill Open Biology

These journals are online-only and all content is published under a CC-BY license.

The Brill Open Journals welcome submissions from all branches of the respective disciplines. They also accommodate authors who would like to publish in a full Open Access environment. As with all Brill publications, all submissions undergo rigorous double blind peer review prior to acceptance.

Publishing in the Brill Open Journals is not dependent on issues or volumes, which means your article will be published immediately upon acceptance.*

*Allowing for production time (typesetting, XML) of ca. 6-8 weeks.

Publishing a Journal in Open Access

Brill offers the possibility to make a journal fully available Open Access (for existing journals this is called the ’flip’ from a subscription model to Open Access). Depending on the amount of funding available, publication charges for authors can be either reduced, or waived completely.

For more information on making a journal fully available in Open Access, please get in touch with your acquisitions editor or contact us at

For examples of other subject-specific full Open Access journals, please view our overview here.