Tom Weterings - Faces of Brill

Tom Weterings

Position: Production Editor Journals / Managing editor of the 'Journal of Moral Philosophy' and of the new Brill Open journals.


Short job description:

As production editor for journals, Tom has the task to make manuscripts ready for publication in print and online. He takes care of the different processes of image proofs, typesetting and proofreading. Tom is working on up to 25 academic journals, so there are always a lot of specific schedules to take into account.

Besides being a production editor, Tom works as managing editor for a few journals as well. “There is a lot going on,” Tom says. “We are starting four new Open Access journals and I am really looking forward to that”.

Tom has been working at Brill since August 2009. Prior to that, Tom studied history in Leiden and holds a Master in Editing from Amsterdam.


What is your favorite part of the job?

The best part is the interaction with the authors,” Tom says. “To get their articles typeset in a way they like feels really great.”


Why did you choose to become an editor or work at a publisher?

While studying history, Tom started working on a scholarly journal. He stayed there for six years, even after he finished his master’s, and really enjoyed working on a journal from start to finish.


Tom, do you have a favorite Brill journal?

There are so many, it is hard to pick one,” Tom says, “but the 'Journal of Moral Philosophy' stands out. The editor in chief, Matthew S. Liao, insisted on having me as the managing editor, besides being the production editor. It is an interesting journal.”

As a historian, the 'Journal of Early American History' is also an important journal for Tom. He has written articles for this journal as well.


What makes Brill special?

The atmosphere here is really good,” Tom says, “We are a small company, but not too small. We have a good amount of people with different backgrounds and interests. As a publisher, we have an interesting portfolio.


A Question from Caroline van Erp, Marketing Manager:

Tom has published articles himself, in the Journal of Early American History. What is it like to be on two different sides of publishing? Did your work as a Production Editor benefit from your experience as an author and vice versa?

Having to remind yourself to be on time is odd,” smiled Tom. In his opinion, the benefits are that if you notice an error, you have the possibility to change that easily. “It is easy for an author to have the production process in hand. But it also helps me understand as a production editor what is important for an author.” Tom says.