Faces of Brill

Nozomi Goto

“When tracking at trends in the field, I conduct desk research, but also meet with scholars on campus or at conferences,” Nozomi says.  “Advice from experts is always useful. It is kind of a mix between following a path and a developing your own way.” - Nozomi Goto, Jr. Acquisition Editor

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Qin Higley

"The Chinese Studies program is exciting because the field is so active. I feel like I’m able to work together with academics so that our publications develop with the trends within the scholarship. I find it rewarding to work with scholars from the very beginning of the publication process: starting with the proposal, watching the idea develop, and ending with the published volume." - Qin Higley, Acquisition Editor (Asian Studies)


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Irene van Rossum

During a typical day I have contact with people from all over the world and of all kinds of different backgrounds,” Irene says. “I love working with people who are passionate about what they do. This includes established scholars, but we also publish books by scholars who are in the early stages of their career.” - Irene van Rossum, Sr. Acquisition Editor


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Emile Kranendonk

It is challenging to be on time and stick to the schedule.” Emile says. “It is a diverse position and I work with internal and external partners. There are always questions about the availability or shipment of titles. These issues are also directly tied to cost and revenue, and have a large impact on our business.” - Emile Kranendonk, Stock Coordinator


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Team of the Linguistic Bibliograph

“The biggest challenge is to stay updated on everything, simply because there is so much information. This involves being informed about what is published, while also keeping track of new developments on the platform.” - Sijmen Tol, Coordinator Linguistic Bibliography

On the picture you can see the editing team of the Linguistic Bibliography - René Genis, Sijmen Tol, Eline van der Veken and Ekaterina (Katja) Bobyleva.

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Julian Deahl

“I act as a catalyst for producing scholarly works. It is important to know the hot topics in the field, and to have a feeling for what emerging fields are on the horizon.” - Julian Deahl, Sr. Acquisition Editor


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Jasmin Lange

“Ideas and knowledge need to be made available to society, and I consider this an important job that comes with a responsibility. I am happy that I can make a small contribution to that process." - Jasmin Lange, Project Manager Business Development


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Joed Elich

The traditional focus on history and languages is really important for Brill,” Joed says. “Being able to handle complicated manuscripts – for example in Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese – and still produce a high quality end result, this is something that makes Brill special. Our close relationship with authors is also important for the future.”  - Joed Elich, Publishing Director


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Tom Weterings

The best part is the interaction with the authors,” Tom says. “To get their articles typeset in a way they like feels really great.” - Tom Weterings, Production Editor Journals and Managing editor of the 'Journal of Moral Philosophy' and of the new Brill Open journals.


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Caroline van Erp

“I really like this job, because you are in contact with so many different people,Caroline says.I still work closely  with the publishers and their  assistants.” She also likes that, when it comes to marketing campaigns, you get direct results and feedback, from statistics like open- and click-through rates, Facebook likes, customer queries, or comments from your own sales team. The view is internal and external as well,” Caroline explains. You are involved with the market place and you often can see a result of your efforts.” – Caroline van Erp, Marketing Manager


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Stijn Wieger van der Heide

Stijn says one of the interesting parts about marketing is that “no one knows if this is the right way. You can’t be sure of what is going to happen. What you can do is test a lot of different things – subject lines, advertising techniques, new technologies -- and see what works.” Stijn Wieger van der Heide, Marketing Assistant

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Debbie de Wit

Debbie de Wit, one of our Production Editors - “We have to get rid of the idea of two facing pages and we need to be more flexible in the way we shape the content” 

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