Acquisitions Editors


Subject area Discipline Editor Email
Middle East and Islamic Studies Islamic Law, Modern Middle East, Women and Gender Studies, Sufi Studies/Mysticism Nicolette van der Hoek
Middle East and Islamic Studies History, Philology, Art & Architecture, Literature, Russia/Eurasia & Islam, Iran & Persian Studies Kathy van Vliet-Leigh
Middle East and Islamic Studies Maghrib Studies, Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Philosophy, Index Islamicus, Islam & Asia Joed Elich
Middle East and Islamic Studies Encyclopaedia of Islam, Manuscripts and Printing, Jews and Christians in the Islamic World, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Primary Sources, Text Editions Online Maurits van den Boogert
Philosophy Jennifer Pavelko
Religious Studies Laura Morris
Slavic and Eurasian Studies Marti Huetink
Social Sciences Jason Prevost
Theology and World Christianity Tessel Jonquière