Acquisitions Editors


Subject area Discipline Editor Email
African Studies Joed Elich
American Studies Jason Prevost
Ancient Near East and Egypt Katelyn Chin
Art History Asian Art and Visual Culture Inge Klompmakers
Art History Art and Architecture Liesbeth Hugenholtz
Asian Studies Japan & Korea Inge Klompmakers
Asian Studies Southeast Asia Uri Tadmor
Asian Studies South & Central Asia Kathy van Vliet-Leigh
Asian Studies Premodern China (to the 19th c.) Albert Hoffstädt
Asian Studies Modern China (20th & 21st c.) Qin Higley
Biblical Studies Old Testament and Qumran Suzanne Mekking
Biblical Studies New Testament and Early Christianity Louise Schouten
Biology Stefan Einarson
Classical Studies Mirjam Elbers
History American Studies Jason Prevost
History Modern History, Cultural History, Economic and Social History, Legal History, History of Cartography Wendel Scholma
History History of Science Stefan Einarson
History Medieval Studies, History of War and Conflict Kate Hammond
History Early Modern Studies: Reformation and Renaissance, Book History; Intellectual History; Jesuit Studies Arjan van Dijk
Hotei Publishing Japanese Art and Culture Inge Klompmakers
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Lindy Melman
International Law International Law and Comparative Law Anna Schmitt Nagelbach
International Law Hague Academy Partnership Lindy Melman
International Law Public International Law Marie Sheldon
International Relations Anna Schmitt Nagelbach
Jewish Studies Katelyn Chin
Language and Linguistics Applied Linguistics Uri Tadmor
Language and Linguistics General Linguistics Irene van Rossum
Literature and Cultural Studies Literature, Cultural Studies, French Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Ecocriticism, Gender, Theatre & Cinema Christa Stevens
Literature and Cultural Studies Literature, Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, World literature, and Modernist studies Masja Horn