Conferences & Book Fairs


Date Conference Details Country Brill Attendee(s)
2017 Aug 31-Sep 3

American Political Science Association 2017 annual meeting (APSA), San Francisco, CA

USA Jason Prevost
2017 Sep 7-Sep 9

International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL), London

United Kingdom
2017 Sep 10-Sep 13

European Society for Linguistics (SLE), Zurich

Switzerland Irene van Rossum, Maarten Frieswijk
2017 Sep 14-Sep 17

Second Conference on Middle Period Chinese Humanities, Leiden

The Netherlands Qin Higley
2017 Sep 18-Sep 22

German Oriental Studies Conference, Jena

Germany Nicolette van der Hoek, Maurits van den Boogert
2017 Oct 5-Oct 8

German Studies Association (GSA), Atlanta

USA Masja Horn
2017 Oct 5-Oct 8

German Studies Association (GSA), Atlanta

USA Wendel Scholma
2017 Oct 5-Oct 8

Byzantine Studies of North America Conference (BSANA), Twin Cities, MN

USA Kate Hammond
2017 Oct 6-Oct 8

International Conference of the Chinese Historical Society of America, San Francicso

USA Qin Higley
2017 Oct 23-Oct 25

Digital Library Federation Forum (DLF), 

Marti Huetink