Conferences & Book Fairs


Date Conference Details Country Brill Attendee(s)
2017 Apr 19-Apr 22

Scientiae, Padua

Italy Arjan van Dijk
2017 Apr 26-Apr 28

Asian Studies, Freiburg

Germany Qin Higley
2017 Apr 29-May 1

Latin American Studies Association 2017 annual meeting (LASA), Lima

Peru Jason Prevost
2017 May 4-May 7

American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM), Nashville, TN

USA Marti Huetink
2017 May 10-May 12

Reformation Research Consortium (RefoRC), Wittenberg

Germany Arjan van Dijk
2017 May 11-May 14

International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS), Kalamazoo

USA Kate Hammond
2017 May 13-May 15

Historical Materialism Toronto 2017 (HMTO), Toronto

Canada Jason Prevost
2017 May 17-May 18

Buddhist Studies in Leiden, Leiden

The Netherlands Joed Elich, Albert Hoffstädt
2017 May 24-May 26

Historians of Netherlandish Art (HNA), Gent

Belgium Arjan van Dijk
2017 May 25-May 27

Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien (GAPS), Bonn

Germany Christa Stevens