Conferences & Book Fairs


Date Conference Details Country Brill Attendee(s)
2017 Mar 16-Mar 19

Association for Asian Studies (AAS), Toronto

Canada Qin Higley, Inge Klompmakers, Albert Hoffstädt, David Brenman
2017 Mar 17-Mar 20

American Oriental Society (AOS), Los Angeles, CA

United States Joed Elich
2017 Mar 30-Apr 1

Renaissance Society of America (RSA), Chicago, IL

USA Arjan van Dijk, Wendel Scholma
2017 Mar 30-Apr 2

Society for Military History (SMH), Jacksonville, FL

USA Kate Hammond
2017 Apr 3-Apr 7

European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS), Oviedo

Spain Christa Stevens
2017 Apr 5-Apr 8

Association for Comparative Fascist Studies, Budapest

Hungary Wendel Scholma, Marti Huetink
2017 Apr 6-Apr 9

Organization of American Historians 2017 annual meeting (OAH), New Orleans, LA

USA Jason Prevost
2017 Apr 6-Apr 8

Medieval Academy of America (MAA), Toronto

USA Kate Hammond
2017 Apr 11-Apr 13

British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS), Chester

United Kingdom Nicolette van der Hoek
2017 Apr 13-Apr 15

Association for Asian American Studies 2017 annual meeting (AAAS), Portland, OR

USA Jason Prevost